Private Labels (OEM) Service :



Our Private Label Reseller Program enables your business to offer our successful line of PurePro® water purification products under your own brand name. The private label reseller program can potentially increase your service offerings to your clients and provide you with instantaneous revenue generators and a substantial competitive advantage.







Private label is very welcome !!  


PurePro® reverse osmosis drinking water system is currently being manufactured in Taiwan and is one of the best selling reverse osmosis water filter available in the USA & Canada.



Owning your own brand gives you the potential to be the largest RO filter distributor in your country. ★ OEM Demo: PurePro Custom /OEM Service Demonstration

We just delivered 15 x 40HQ containers. please see the shipment pictures:  (1) Bloomer Water (2) AquaGroup (3) Purelife Water (4) Kat Water (5) Acquaservice (6) Ionica Water (7) Quick-Change RO (8) ROYAL RO Systems



We have successfully completed the below private labeling business:  


With over 1,000,000 systems already in businesses nationwide, PurePro give you what it takes to be a success in the commercial market. PurePro’s complete product line of reverse osmosis (RO) systems have a unique look customers love and features that will set you apart from your competition.





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We take our customer’s private label brands seriously. Our reputation is built on trust, quality and more than 10 years of experience. Our products include supreme quality reverse osmosis systems, water ionizers, membranes, cartridge filters, and it is constantly evolving to keep up with our customer's needs. PurePro USA Corp



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